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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 2 of the No Back Fat Fitness Plan

Well, you know how it is when you go on a healthy eating plan....the next thing up is fixing 1700 barbecue plates.
Here is the CEO of the Billie Hardee Home for Boys working on the line fixing plates. I had a picture of all twelve of us on the line but it turned out to be a video...and they take way too long to load. This is our son, Wayne Gates Chapman)

These are the faithful workers from the Hartsville YMCA who come and pick up plates so that the people in Hartsville can get theirs at the Y.

I thought you might like to see one of the boy's rooms in the Boys Home. They have 16 boys in residence and 16 more who come for school there.
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For those readers who commented with questions about yesterday's post. The photographer had me hold Hubs over my head which scared the Bejesus out of him and revealed my back fat. They are digital pictures so you can see them ASAP. I don't think you have to pay then but we just got the "cheaper chicken." (AKA as free) I used this phrase to the salesperson who must not have seen Father of the Bride and who then wondered why I was ordering chicken from a photographer. She tried multiple times to get us to order copies for our children. I kept assuring her our children didn't want a good picture of us much less a bad one. She suggested we give them as Christmas gifts....."they will be mighty disappointed to just get a picture of us," I replied. "Oh, you can get them something else too," she rejoined. She really doesn't get the cheaper chicken in it would take all we budget for a Christmas gift to get them the dang picture.

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