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Friday, September 25, 2009

Day Three of U No What or Over the Fields & Thru the Woods

Well, yesterday I fell off the diet wagon, kinda sorta, but today Scout and I were back on our running trail. We were sure our readers would like to see our scenic route.
First stop is the now brown soybean field in front of my house. Those beans were bright green ten days ago.

Next stop, Pooh Sticks. This is where the grandkids and I would mimic Pooh and his pals and throw sticks in to water on one side of the "bridge" and see whose came out first on the other side. However, there has not been any water going under this "bridge" since 2002; but we still refer to it as "Pooh Sticks."

This mass of trees hides where there used to be an old tenant house. Wisteria is all over the trees in the spring and it looks lovely. Also a few daffodils and narcissus remain to greet us in the spring. I once transplanted wisteria from here to the pine trees outside my bedroom; this led to the great septic tank adventure of 2009.

This is the only "humanity" Scout and I glimpse on our run. The dog's name is Buddy and occassionally he comes out to bark at us. There is an invisible fence; I am sure, because he never ventures outside his territory no matter how attractively Scout wags her tail.

Gateway to "Byrdland." So named because the Byrd's own this land. See how green these late soybeans look. I'm not sure who that is in the shadow. Oh, Scout with her camera!

Scout and I refer to this leg of our journey as "the desert." No shade!

The last leg of our 10 mile run. IF you look hard you see Scout looking at me saying, "come on slowpoke we are almost there!" I am yelling, "Scout stay out of the road!"

Yesterday Hubs took the $1.00 coupon I cut out of Sunday's paper and actually found this new product. I was so excited; 100 calorie Nabs; until I opened the package. Ten teeny tiny little crackers. Wow! I think I'll run all over again so I can have another package! (NOT)
How are all you readers out there faring on your diet/exercise plans?????

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Anonymous said...

A ten mile run?! Whoa. You really mean business.

OK, since you asked specifically, I am doing great on my "diabetes diet". 35 pounds lost and counting....I feel much better and I'm able to be a lot more active. Walking, though, not running!