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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pushing over the Wagon, Day 5

The other day I got a wild idea; I wanted turkey and dressing. It dawned on me; I am an adult, I can have turkey and dressing whenever I want it. I do not have to wait until Thanksgiving.
I called my BFF, Nena, who makes killer cornbread dressing and asked her to make some. We'll cook the turkey breast, you make the dressing. Deal? Deal!

Of course, we had to have some good old turkey gravy to go with......Yummo! The diet wagon has been turned over!

This Kathy cartoon is so appropriate; I wish you could read it. The first sign says "Option A: go walk for a mile....she says it will make you feel energised, empowered, proud, accomplished and with have more radiant skin, skinnier rear, stronger heart and a better love life.
Option B: One pkg of Potato Chips: will make you feel, cranky, bloated, and cause you to lose a week of you life......I'll have some chips. A girl after my own heart that Kathy!

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mary bailey said...

I looove turkey and dressing. So good---Yum! It's fall. (Slightly) cooler weather means heartier meals. When I went to the store last week, I bought the indredients for several things I haven't cooked all summer, like one of our favorites: chicken and dressing casserole. Soon it will be time for soups. I am the soup queen in fall and winter!

The Cathy comic is funny! At least you spent your calories on something tastier and more substantial than potato chips!

Kimberly said...

Turkey and dressing sounds soooo delicious right now!