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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Perfect Day

Yesterday was a perfect day. It has finally gotten cooler......61 when I got up.....but 80 something later in the day. I did the wash, went to Pilates, browsed around Family Dollar and Dollar General. Our Dollar General is just SO little organizer self just loves going around looking at how well organized everything is :).

I bought a couple cards for Rip. I haven't told you about Rip (I don't think). Rip was at the Boy's Home (BHHB) my son runs. Wayne took a special interest him and he spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family. He has been in a foster home with the youth minister from Wayne's church and his wife for almost a year. A few weeks ago he was feeling overwhelmed and really doesn't have the interpersonal skills to know how to share these feelings with anyone due to his past life of abuse and neglect by his parents. So he attempted suicide.

Then Rip had to be admitted to a "Behavioral Health Center" after sitting in a room in the hospital for 94 hours because they had no where to send him. (Ya think we got a Health Care Crisis???). Today his Mother, who is a prostitute and on drugs is SUPPOSED to sign a paper relinquishing her parental rights. Please pray that she does so that she doesn't have to be involved in every decision about Rip's life.

Back to the Perfect Day.....I got to sit outside and read a totally terrific book while the birds twittered and cawed, the sun shone, a breeze breezed and leaves drifted down all around me. Later I quilted and then went back to my outdoor hacienda for more fall wonder.

Oh and we had turkey sandwiches for lunch....yummo!

What would be a perfect day for you?

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Gabby said...

A world where every one was healthy and loved.

An a comfie chair on a beach with my family, bag of magazines, and a little servant guy to bring me snacks with my family... in Hawaii.

I like the top one better, though.

Kimberly said...

Your fall day is pretty close to my perfect today. This morning it was SO hard to drive to work because it's shaping up to be a perfect day here. Cool, blue sky, sunshine...oh, to lay in the sun with a book!