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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Perfect Gatester

Another Perfect Day......this time with the Grand Gatester. I hadn't seen him for a couple weeks so I needed my dose of silliness. We stopped by the Pig Man's on our way to my house. Now there are four small pigs, and about a dozen big pigs. The goats were huge one with big horns reminding me of The Billy Goats Gruff. ( I don't have that book so I went to Burry Bookstore to purchase it. No could do. Amazon here I come.) This time there was a hen in a cage, cackling away, I think she said, "let me out, let me out!" The Rooster said, "Stay and Lay, Stay and Lay!"
Gates had a busy day planned for me. He seems to remember everything we have ever done while he was visiting and then he puts them on the agenda for today's visit.
  • First off, clean out the sandbox. (For no reason I can see.)
  • Baseball, Nana bat, Gates pitch; Gates bat, Nana pitch. Running the bases is a must. I did have a home run but he declared me out.
  • Read Cinderella. Read Three Pigs; two different copies.
  • Eat Yum Yum.....wearing his carpenter apron he got at Lowes.
  • Play football....tackle not touch! Oh, can he tackle.....and pass and imitate the ref's on a foul.
  • Play Golf....this 3 year old hit every ball at least 20 yards playing with clubs 3 sizes too big.
  • And Basketball....he has all the moves....dribble, behind the back shot...too cute!
  • A little husbandry.....get the babies out...walk them in the stroller 9 seconds....get on his car...and "go to work" (play set of car keys put in pocket when he gets off his car)
  • water Nana's plants and whatever else is around
  • rake the yard (make a pile of straw for jumping into on touchdowns)
  • sweep the drive....Nana managed to run the Skill saw and cut down a broom so he would have his own
  • have an ice cream cone (outside, Nana)

Well, that was another perfect day for me.....what about you? If you need a 3 year old, I might can find one to lend you.

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1 comment:

Gabby said...

How cute! A full schedule, too!

I see many sports in his future!