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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Sick of Being Sick

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If I had a picture to go with this, it would be me in my third pair of pajamas looking pitiful. TWO WEEKS ago tomorrow I started feeling a little under the weather. (throat a little soar....a bit achy.....tired.) Then my chest felt tight so I started using Advair which has always helped me with bronchial/breathing problems.
Then I felt better. Started coughing. still felt better. Monday I was running fever, felt terrible, stayed in bed all day and SLEPT through most of it. Felt too bad to go to the doc. Much better Tuesday...coughing up green mucus....yea I am getting rid of the stuff no need to go to the doctor which is where I got this stuff.
Last night I had to get up and change my pjs twice......soaked! For the record I am not MENOPAUSAL...I am so done with that! TOMORROW I will go to the doc. I have quilt guild today.....unless I don't feel better than I do presently in which case I'll skip guild and go directly to the Doc.
Pray for me.....I'm Sick of Being Sick. Lord, please bless those people who have terminal and unending illness and heal them if it be thy will.

Have you ever been sick and tired of being sick and tired? Tell me about it. Misery loves company.


Kimberly said...

One evening just after Christmas 2005 or 2006 Walt and I were lounging around watching tv when I started getting sick (the losing-my-cookies kind). I must have been sick 5 or 6 times that evening, long after all cookies were lost, still my body thought it needed to try to heave up some more. The next morning the bug hit Walt. Later in the day we were both draped over the couch in our pajamas so weak we could hardly move, yet so dehydrated we knew we needed some gatorade and sprite to calm our stomachs. Thus began the negotiations.
K: I don't have it in me to get dressed
W: If you drive I'll go inside
K: Deal
We somehow made it the 1 mile to Ingles, and Walt (my HERO) trudged his shaky way in...draped himself over one of the carts so as to stay upright, got the necessary fluids and actually made it safely back to the car. We were the most pitiful sight I think I've ever seen.

The next day as we're starting to feel better Walt's mom called: "Just wanted to let you two know the girls were sick and it might be coming your way." Um, yeah, thanks.

Feel better!!!

Gabby said...

Lord, I pray for total healing and restoration of health for Donnamo, please give her strength and the exact ride wisdom for the Dr. to give her the medicine she needs to feel better.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you have been feeling yucky-icky-crummy-blah for so long! I am praying for your speedy recovery.