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Friday, September 4, 2009

Feelin' Better with Bubba Cheese Toast

Yesterday, after my doctor visit and being pronounced bronchitis ( diagnosis a doctor's daughter, sister and aunt I almost have hospital privileges) getting a shot of something, antibiotics, cough syrup which I do not like and will not take, and an increased dose of Advair (which I was already using my husbands...good prescriber that I am) Doctor Ken I said I should feel better by MONDAY. Other than only sleeping 4 hours last night and enduring a couple of night sweats which DID NOT require a change of pajamas and sleeping 1 of the four hours on the couch so I would not disturb hubs with my get wrenching cough...I'm golden. (Or at least NOT TOO sick not to get my two grands for the weekend.)

Now on to the "meat" of this....or I should say, "cheese" of this....I went to the mailbox and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a box of wonderful cheese sent to me by my brother, aka Bubba. He asked me when we were up there two weeks ago if I would like some aged cheese from a monestary. Never turn down free food is our family motto so of course I said "Bring it on!"

It has been Soooooo Loooong since I've had really good cheese my taste buds did the dance of joy as soon as I tasted it. My Dad worked in a market as a boy and he loved to bring home a good slice of cheese (or any fruit, vegetable or meat or pastry) so I developed a fine palate early. Also his patients who knew of his affection for good cheese would gift him (and US) with good cheese at Christmas. The little wheels with 8 different kinds individually wrapped were a favorite of mine. I could mow through a wheel pretty quick.

So this morning I had BUBBA CHEESE TOAST for breakfast. I topped it off, after the picture, with some of Hubs delicious, nutritious, organic blueberry jelly. wonder I feel better.

Yesterday, with a nip in the morning air I decided it was time to put away the spring and summer place mats and runner I had made and install the fall set. Quilter extraordinaire, Sallie McCauley, gifted me with the runner. I have now made 5 1/2 of the complementary applique placemats to go with her creation. Those may be the last zinnias from la garden but they sure look pretty to me. As soon as I change the wreath on the door and the flag on the front porch we will be all falled up. I will try to take a picture showing it all off, with the cutest little goat planter Sallie gave me filled with succulents called hens and chicks.

Now what are you doing to gussie your place up for fall. God created Seasons....Celebrate them is my motto.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said... occurs to me that maybe I have never had really good cheese. Sounds delicious!

My fall decorating is minimal---I usually have a pumpkin and a fall flag on the porch. Inside I decorate with tiny little baby pumpkins on shelves, tables, etc.

Thanks for offering me the prize if you win on Hillary's blog. You just upped my chances of winning!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with your grands!