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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who Are All these "People"?

Once when a neighbor child was visiting our house she looked around and said, "who ARE all these people?" Our neighbor, Andy McCauley said he found a bag full of action figures in the setback when he was mowing at his home in Va. Would any of my GK's like them? Oh, Yeah!
After sanitizing them thoroughly, I had the best time setting them up on my mantle. Being the old F--T I am I only recognize maybe five of the figures. See how many you recognize? (I had more close up shots but my patience with uploading photos is ten nano seconds so I will give you five.....Shreck, Puss and Boots, Homer Simpson, some Polly Pockets.

They say, that you don't have to know everything (too much info these days) just know where to find out. I knew M&M (as their mother calls them "a little nutty but sweet") would know. Well they were here about 15 minutes before Michael's eye rested on the mantle. He spent the next few minutes standing on the hearth identifying characters.....each one pleasing him more than the next. Sister helped, too. Then the play began.....I think they are enjoying their gift, Thank you Mr. Andy for thinking of us!

And this is a shout out to Sallie and Andy's dog....Wally! A registered Springer Spaniel rescue dog.
Oh, he is the best. I just love him. Here he has Scout's soccer ball firmly between his front paws. He will feign disinterest until Scout approaches to nab it and them FIRMLY plop his kinda large paw on it....telling Scout, "I AM the ALPHA DOG in YOUR HOUSE, girlie!" Wally watches the Dog Whisper and Scout does not. We've got to get her watching it so she can assume her rightful position around here....of course I have her thinking I AM THE ALPHA DOG so I don't think I want to mess with that!

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Gabby said...

Well, something new to ID the next time I visit.

I knew if they were from a movie that M could figure them out! He knows his movies!

Have a fun weekend, hope your cough is all better.
Here is something weird it is after 10 and I am in my PJ's still, that NEVER happens~! Joy!

Anonymous said...

You are such a cool Nana! What a fun thing to do for your grandkids!

"A little nutty but sweet"---That is cute.

Enjoy your time with them!