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Monday, September 7, 2009

Red Ryder Rides Again

I know you are wildly curious as to what we Chapman's have been up to this weekend. I listened to a program on Chris Fabry Live Friday that said boys need to hunt. So I brought out our two old Red Ryders and sure enough Michael was all over it. (I think he has shot at everything in our yard except people which is verboten.)
I showed Megan Caroline's gun on the Big Mama Blog and before you could say "Pink Camo Ryder" we had transformed her Daddy's gun into one :) It turns out she likes to shoot as well.

Last night we had a shoot out and Dead Eye Rose got into the act. So did Pop Pop and Todd but the photographer was distracted and forgot to do her job. (Where is that Granny when you need her?)

We followed up the shoot out with a game of Scrabble. Pop Pop managed to squeak by Nana. Megan beat Granny (with a little help.)
What did your family do over the Labor Day Weekend?
(It wasn't blog because there were NO NEW POSTS at 4:30 am.)

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Anonymous said...

So was it just some target shooting or did Michael ever get the mouse that was in the woods? I love what you did with Megan's gun---how special!

Gabby said...

A little someone in my family whipped me numerous times at both Pictureika and Rummikub (spelling),then she read a book for fifth graders in my chaise lounge on the deck while sipping sweet tea from her travel mug.

She looked so grown up. Then she beat the neighborhood boys in a head first skateboard race down the street in from of the house, so maybe she still has some kid left in her yet.
Meanwhile, son played sports and Legos with the boys in the hood.