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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pilgrimage to Mary Jo's

Yesterday, Rita and I set out early in the am for Mary Jo's.....Mecca for those needing cloth, drapery, or upholstery material.
Here is Rita with her bundle of quilt squares to find binding and backing fabrics for.
I was set to buy fabrics for the "mystery quilt" I am making when we go to our SC Quilt Retreat in early October.

This shop was started 50 years ago in the city of Gastonia, NC. It has the flavor of a locally owned Five and Dime from the 50's. Hand made posters for signs. Sells anachronisms from the past like hoop skirt slips (for those wanting that antebellum hoop skirt look so popular these days.) Has a million rolls of upholstery fabrics....which probably go back to the Civil War. Mary Jo does not reduce her inventory...she adds to it daily.
After our shop hop we went to McAllisters for lunch. A service person (man) asked where we were from and I told him. Then I asked him: "why do you think we are here?" Answer: Mary Jo's! He said they get bus loads of women coming shopping there (quilter's I bet...upholsterers don't travel in packs).
By the way, if you haven't been to MJ's in the lst year...they have torn down the ancient mall she was in EXCEPT for her store. Which just shows.....the power of cloth shoppers!
Do you have a favorite shopping Mecca? Tell us about it!

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Anonymous said...

My MIL would LOVE a store like that! Me, not so much. If I was wonderfully crafty and could create, I would love it. I bet it was a fun trip for you and your friend!

Sallie said...

I envy the trip to MJ's, but we were busy trying to restore the crashed laptop! that is Andy was busy. I need you to mail me something so i can get your e-mail back in my now empty contacts.


PS. Bathed Wally today to seeten him up before Mark & co visit this weekend. As soon as he was off the leash, he frantically started digging next to the house foundation!