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Saturday, September 12, 2009

This is a visual representation of our visit with 3 year old Gates. He came yesterday at 2:30pm and will leave around noon today. So Far we have......

  1. watered Nana's plants
  2. Turned Pop Pops mulch pile
  3. made a castle in the sand box
  4. played baseball outside
  5. driven the golf cart (aka Barbie jeep)
  6. gone to see Granny
  7. ridden on the lawn mower
  8. played golf
  9. played football
  10. played cars
  11. taken a bath
  12. gone to get an ice cream cone
  13. watched baseball on tv until Nana fell asleep (Gates stayed awake and upright until 9:30pm when PopPop brought him to bed)
  14. gone to Walmart
  15. painted
  16. read Goldilocks, Red Riding Hood, Good Night Moon, Runaway Bunny and Mr. Littles Plane
    twice each
He awoke during the night wanting his Daddy. I assured him Dad was coming at lunch time and we would do fun things in the morning like paint.

6:30 am he walks in the den and says, "let's paint" a mind like a steel trap!

by 7:30 am we have done that, eaten from scratch grits, played football, played cars,
read all the books listed and had to be bribed to go to Walmart with PopPop so Nana could drink her coffee.

The expression "Never a Dull Moment" could not be more applicable! At noon we hand him off for Cissy (Hannah); we'll see what she thinks up to keep Nana busy! :)

PS....outside yesterday
Gates says,"I pee in the yard....boys do dat"
Nana: "does your Daddy do that?"
G:"No, just boys"
N: Who told you you could do that?
G:I tell me I could do dat!

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Donna, thanks for commenting on my SCL post! It's always great to meet new people and read new blogs. Looks like you had a great visit - lots to do! Feel free to join the conversation at my blog any time!

Gabby said...

Someone here is jealous he did not get to play with Gates. However, he had football pictures to keep him busy...

Gabby said...

Are you feeling better?