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Friday, October 2, 2009

Guilded Lillies (Get it?)

Yesterday was Quilt Guild, and the "Guilded Lillies" had quite a few show and tells in addition to our Make It, Bake It, Grow it Silent and Loud Auctions. Marlene made this lovely doggie quilt she named "Must Love Dogs" for her grand daughter!
Not only that, she made a mini-quilt for the GD's American Girl Doll....called Must love Puppies!
I tried to get Marlene to adopt me as a grand daughter but she was not interested :(

Judy name this quilt for the Make A Wish Foundation to sell. I think you all know Make A Wish benefits terminally ill children.

My blurry photo does not do Lillie's Heart Quilt justice. Several of our ladies made quilts for The Heart Association Fundraiser. This photo....if it were good....shows where her husband's heart was damaged when he had a heart attach a few years back.

Carolyn never ceases to amaze me with her interpretations. Many fabrics were fused together and little mirrors attached in those gold hearts for her "Look Into Your Heart" entry.

Frances came up with "Heartsville" a wall hanging named for our town. She appliqued each little window on there And put little heart charms on each house.

Frances, our President and Over Achiever Extraordinaire did a second one and I forgot the title. But those are silver faces, hands and feet sewn on it.
It was a wonderful meeting and the pictures above show that as quilters we are an involved bunch of ladies using our skills to better the world around us :)
Do you have any skills you can use to better the world around you?
If you answered "No".....I beg to differ.....YOU CAN PRAY! Right now a 2 year old little girl named Belle has been diagnosed with brain and spinal cancer. PLEASE pray for Belle; and for her doctors who don't know quite how to treat her.....GOD KNOWS.....Let's ask HIM to help.

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YankeeQuilter said...

The little girl is in my prayers.

Your quilt guild made some really fun pieces!