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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yard Work is HARD Word

Yesterday I worked in our yard; and no all this garbage wasn't in the yard but in the ditch in front of our house. It makes me furious that people LITTER. And 90% of the litter is beer cans.

Over the 40 something years in this house I have so wanted to put a sign up or show the trash like I did in this picture and say something like "Have you no manners?" "Didn't someone tell you NOT to litter!" "Be ashamed, be very ashamed!" I would do it....and I still might....but I think the rednecks who litter would then show me how well they can litter and dump piles of garbage in front of our house!

Maybe, if I took a kinder WE know YOU are not the kind of person who litters so kindly refrain from accidentally dropping anything out of your vehicles' windows.

Whatdaya think?

Hubs has decided the front columns need painting, ya think? No seriously this is after he has sanded them for hours and hours. I kinda like the antebellum look; looks like Soitille Hall at the College of Charleston (I you close both eyes and imagine pink and red brick). It works for them.

What do you think? Could it work for The Donnadale Plantation and Old Folks Home?

About the yard work.......I did cut back all the zinnias and cleome, prune the roses, haul off limbs and debri, rake pine straw, spread pine straw, repot a plant, skatte pine straw to cover the paint chips hubs sanded onto the straw, and fill the bird feeders.

Hubs is vacuuming up the ninety-nine million tons of pine straw off the lawn that has accumulated in the week since he last did it.:(

Yep folks, if you don't want to get up pine straw; don't plant pine trees or have a forest for a lawn. Don't forget you heard it here at the Donnamo!

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Anonymous said...

Yard work is, indeed, *hard* work. That is why I leave the yard work to Peter and George. I tend to the porch and they do the rest. Which isn't really fair b/c George does plenty of inside housework when I need him to.

You should totally do the Book-in-a-Week challenge! It will be fun!

Gabby said...

I colored MY roots, does that count? We just had someone aerate our yard and seed. No fun to pay that price tag, but hubby is sure we need to do it!
Definitely PAINT the columns.
Remember, my youngest used to call litter "glitter", she would say, "Mommy, why do people glitter?"

And I still don't know the answer!