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Monday, October 5, 2009

Rain, Rain and Triumphant Rain

And if ever there was an invincible and convincing sign of God's love and mercy
It was the Rain, the rain, the Triumphant Rain!
C and I can't remember the last time we had a rainy day in Hartsvegas. It has been so very dry for so very long. It has been sad to see our forty year old azaleas dying and their leaves hanging so helplessly.

But this morning we awoke to that precious sound. And we thanked God for the Rain.

At other times and other places we would NOT have rejoiced over such a simple thing. But have you noticed how scarcity promotes thankfulness.

I have been reading a lot of books that take place in the 1800's. Boy, do they remind me, women did not always have washers, refrigerators, floors that were not dirt, windows, pants, and birth control.

But today I will rejoice that I do have those things and more; so much more. Today I had the leisure to play. With my fabrics, and with my sewing machine.

Oh, and those ladies of yore.....waited months and months for a letter to be answered.

What 2009 convenience are you most thankful for???

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Gabby said...

Vans/cars, refrigerators, A/C and heat, microwave, TV, DVR, TJ Maxx (so I do not have to sew my clothes).

And I would love to be home hiding out today...

Kimberly said...

Air conditioning!

Anonymous said...

Dishwashers! Air-conditioning! Make-up! Eye glasses! Medication!

I was thankful for the rain, too. I love me some rainy days, especially when it is cool or cold.

I remember once years ago during a drought Gabby told me that her daddy ran around the house celebrating when it finally started to rain. She said he jumped in the shower and didn't even care that it was a thunderstorm!