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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PaPa's Got a Brand New Bag

My title comes from a James Brown song of the 1960's. Now that I think about it instead of just singing the lyrics mindlessly, I wonder.......a new a purse?......or bag of weed?

Well, my "Papa" has a new (rented) cherry picker!
He, as you might have surmised, was sanding and is now painting the columns. (Make a mental not buy or build a house with columns. They are quite the pain!)

If you could see Hubs from the rear, you would see his hiney is clamped so tight you couldn't get a credit card in his crack. He believes he is holding the cherry picker in the air with his tightly clamped cheeks. Who am I do say he is wrong?

As of ten seconds ago, he has finished painting said columns but has other tasks for tomorrow. Replacing rotten boards and starting on the back of the house.

Once again I am oh so glad I am not a man! Or rather I am glad I have a man! My book is about a young wife and her mother-in-law who are trying to survive the Civil War and keep the farm going without any men. They even manage to harvest the wheat using some kind of harvester. I guess hunger and desperation can make you do things you would avoid if at all possible.

What is a task your husband or hired person does that you are oh so glad you don't have to do?

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EJ & Roo said...

he takes out the trash every sunday night and clean the bathroom. both things i hate doing!

Gabby said...

plumbing stuff (toilet and drains), PAINTING, working on appliances, mowing the lawn and all that stuff that goes with it, fixing just about anything... the boy has talent!

Kimberly said...

You got me with the clamped hiney comment, lol.

I am glad he does the majority of the trash-taking-out, bug-killing and yard work. And mopping. I'll help if he wants me to, but I'm awfully glad he does it most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the clamped hiney comment was hilarious!

My man does the yard work, and anything having to do with electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and painting. After 14 years he still has some progress to make when it comes to taking out the trash w/o having to be asked. But his mother assures me his father suffered from the same disorder!

You mentioned your book: Is it one you are *writing* or *reading*? Also, what was the name of the author you told me about, Sandra who?