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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Bridge TOO Far?

My neighbor asked me to play bridge with her Bridge Club, "I said, "I will if you can't find anyone else." She said, "I don't want anyone else!" So I had to agree to play.

Now I was the youngster in the group. Everyone else was 80 or over. Most are much better bridge players than I. I only play when Mrs. Tillie makes me.

But one lady was so confused. She tried to deal with her own hand (after she had just dealt the cards).

It was fun to hear these older ladies talk about things like "sex" and menstruation. They each said they didn't know one thing about sex when they married. Their mothers just didn't share the love. One said she began screaming for her mother when she saw blood in her underpants. Her mother took one look and sent her sister in to talk to her.

The only gossip if you can call it that was about a lady in the community who died. She was fondly remembered for always wearing a black bow in her hair up until she died. Oh, and lots of red lipstick.

Some talked about their cholesterol numbers; others their blood pressure. One shared coupons for a vitamin a lot of the women take.

So, if you've never been to a Bridge Club, now you know what goes on.

Ohhhh they do have good refreshments (angel food cake with vanilla and orange flavored ice cream between the layers....the orange was for Halloween, don't you know.)

Have you ever been to a Bridge Club? What was it like?

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The Real Aristocats said...

LOL--Now we know why Granny likes the Bridge club meetings...I always wondered....