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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Quilt Retreat

I've been at the South Carolina Quilting Association's Fall Retreat at Whiteoak in Winnsboro, SC. So much fun!

Last year our ladies created Artful Bras in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness. They were so creative and popular they have been touring exhibits all over the United States ever since. And published in this wonderful book which shows each bra, the maker, and tells about her inspiration.

WhiteOak Conference Center has undergone a huge renovation. For example here is Rita enjoying one of the classy, swinging chairs in the lobby.
Rita took the doll making class I took last year. She wanted to make a Chinese Doll to go with the Chinese costume I bought her when we were in Texas.

Here are a few of our ladies from our Quilt Guild. Lily, on the back row, is 83 years young and I do mean young. She is always trying new things and is a "hoot" to be with.

If you are not a quilter, you don't know what you are missing. ( A ton of fun!)
Are you in a group you enjoy a lot, if so, tell us about it!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time! The boys in Sunday School wanted to know where exactly your quilt retreat was, and when I told them I didn't know, they firmly decided you had gone to Mexico!

I am not in any groups. My friends and I grab random bits of time here and there to spend together, but it's been more often than not lately.

My hobby of writing is kind of a solitary one. Even if there were writer's groups available here in Bedford Falls, I'm not sure I would want to participate in one.

Gabby said...

Not sure if you are home yet, we are planning on coming tomorrow, be there around 11, or as soon as we can get it together. Call me if you need to...