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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Guess what? I had an email from my high school boyfriend, Mark MacDonald. He lives in Vermont (we reconnected last year through He is now a State Senator....a big surprise. He was an underachiever when we dated. He is coming to the Pee Dee this week. We have a "date" to meet for dinner in Florence. Don't worry, Curtis is so coming :)

As I explained to Curtis, it is not a romantic thing. I only get to see two of my high school friends; and I haven't seen them in quite a while. He sees his peeps once a month for lunch and once a year for a get together. (He also gets to see one ex girlfriend when my Coker classmates get together.)

So I am excited and I will have Curtis take pictures for a before and after effect. (Here's hoping I don't look like I was rode hard and put up wet.)

Here's a brief history of our relationship. We met in Senior English class. He invited me to go see A Midsummer Night's Dream at the National Theater. We started dating. We went to several dances together (see pictures above) and the Senior Prom.

He went to Syracuse. I went to Coker. I did get to go up to Syracuse for one big weekend. (Thanks, Mom and Dad for flying me up there!) He never came to Coker.

His Dad was in the Diplomatic Corp and his family moved to Pakistan so he moved to NYC to live with his Grandparents.

The last time I saw him was summer of 1963 when Leslie and I took a trip to Hyannisport, Mass and ran out of money so we drove into NYC and got some money from Mark. At that time he was working as a baggage handler for the airlines after flunking out of Syracuse. He did eventually go back and finish college, but I forget what he did/does for a living. He is married and has kids.

Is there any old "boyfriend" you would like to see and catch up with?

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Anonymous said...

How sweet! I'm sure the three of y'all will have a fun reunion. Can't wait to hear the details.

I can honestly say there is NO old boyfriend for whom I would even want to exist anymore, much less be in touch with! And I'm pretty sure George would feel the same way! Maybe you have to be way more than 20 years removed from the relationship to feel any different?

Gabby said...

I like my boyfriends of the past right where I left them, in the PAST. My hubby would agree with me on that one!

Enjoy catching up, I know you love it!

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