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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Inner Accountant

This is my beautiful new Janome 6600 Sewing Machine. For those who don't know how sewing machines have improved, let me just say it is the bomb. It cuts your thread whenever you tell it too for one thing! The beautiful quilt beside it is my Christmas quilt I started at Fall Retreat. I am ready to put the back on it and quilt it with my new machine.
I've just finished South of Broad. I so love Pat Conroy's writing. This book hasn't gotten the best of reviews but no one else can write like he does in my opinion. If you love Charleston, you will love his descriptions in this book. He even talks about Big Johns a place I visited while in college.

I also just read Sue Monk Kidd's latest; that she wrote with her daughter . It is mostly about how and why a black Madonna came to be her writing muse and their trip to Europe to visit ancient Mary Shrines. I started reading Ms. Kidd back in the 80's when she wrote for Guideposts. I've read everything she has written as she has progressed from a "normal Christian" to a weirdo. If you read the book, let me know what you think.
Now for the Inner Critic/Accountant. In Mary B's blog where they tried to write a book in a week the moderators advised writers to silence their inner critic and just write. It made me think about my "inner accountant". I don't know where I got her. Probably during the many droughts we went through on the farm. I learned that famine wasn't fun and I'd rather avoid it even if the checkbook says its okay to feast.
Buying the new Janome has caused IA (Inner Accountant) to rise up and shake her finger at me a lot. "No, you do not need black shoes to wear with black pants....wear is not important in the world scheme of things for your shoes to match." "and you oh so don't need new sheets for the boy's bedroom.....just because they are the ones your mother used at her beach house sixty some years ago does not mean they should be replaced". And on and on she whispers. It is a good thing my husband can out vote her our there would be no new nothin' around here!
Do any of you have an inner accountant?

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Anonymous said...

You'd better believe I have an inner accountant!! Absolutely, positively....

Would love to hear more of your frugal stories and your occasional splurges!

Gabby said...

I think I tied mine up and she is in the trunk of a car somewhere.

You know how to splurge when you get the "annointing".

Plus, it was your birthday. So kudos!

I still love my affirmation quilt and shared about it last Sunday in SS. Smile!

Sallie said...

I DO have an inner accountant. I know, it is hard to believe. I have found that when one's partner has an OUTER ACCOUNTANT that seldom, if ever, acknowleges one's need to splurge, one's INNER ACCOUNTANT goes to sleep.