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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lucy and Ethel's Wild Adventure

This picture shows the path the GPS laid out for us to come home from the mountains yesterday. You see how it has our car positioned to go off a cliff......well we almost did! You see where it says we will arrive home at 12:51? Make that 3:30PM.
See this little dirt path? The GPS put us there; when Rita attempted to back off this road....oops in a ditch we go. Ethel is sent to get help at a nearby house. She is gone so long Lucy thinks Ethel was murdered. She was very relieved when it turned out Ethel was merely using the people's bathroom. Thank God, and I mean that in a respectful way, the owner of the house was a farmer (in overalls) who had a tractor nearby and......

Wala.....we were out of the ditch and on our way with HIS directions to take us to Mt. Airy (the real Mayberry USA.....we're sure.....we saw the Andy Griffin Museum as we toured Mt. Airy looking for Interstate 77. It seems our GPS wanted us to go home via Rt 52 and COULD NOT be persuaded to take us to 77. But after several scenic tours of Mt. Airy and stops for directions....we did find 77 and came home without further event.
Desi and Fred were not at all surprised!
Do you have a GPS story to tell?
I really don't understand why people don't trust GOD but DO trust a GPS.

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Anonymous said...

What in the world?!

I'm glad you two could find the fun in this. I've had some GPS mishaps but never one like this!