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Monday, November 2, 2009

Reunion Rendezvous

I chose Starfire Grill for our Reunion Rendezvous Saturday Night. It is a local restaurant with good food and great desserts (although I have always been too full to have one).
The wait staff was dressed in costume. Cute!

This is the former high school boyfriend, Mark. I did recognize him although he has aged since I last saw him in 1963. Obviously, so have I. He is also divorced; I did not know that.
He talked A LOT about Vermont is called Cabot Farm Cheese and is produced by a farm cooperative in his home state of Vermont.
He has led an interesting life since 1963. Community College, Viet Nam, Community College, Shrimper in Florida, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher and now State Senator. Two of his four children were foster kids he and his wife adopted.
He did bring three pictures with him. Two of them were on my post and one was a picture taken at our Senior Prom. I didn't know males kept these things.....and knew where to find them 46 years later!
All in all it was nice to reconnect. But I definitely know....the best man won!

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Gabby said...

How funny that your servers were dressed up!

Glad you got to reconnect. Cheese.. who hoo!

Cooper was not actually Scooby Doo, we just took him with us and said he could pass as him because of his all brown self and his personality. We did not buy a costume!
I totally told the kids, Man, P and N would LOVE to come and clean out these bowls! Ha! We sure don't need it all!

Have a great week!Will email you about T-day later.

Anonymous said...

The best man won----that's sweet. And true!

So he talked a lot about cheese and politics? zzzz....snore. It's a good thing the servers were there to liven things up!