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Monday, November 23, 2009

Roasting PC Evans and More

The Man in the Middle is my husband's Uncle Chris aka PC Evans. On his right is his wife, Sara Francis and on his left is his son David. Sorry the picture is dark but it was a dark room.
This is Dianne Chapman Warren who came up with the idea to have the roast. She invited anyone who drove a bus for PC (who was over the county school buses for long time) to come. Over a hundred showed up!

PC is now 86 years old so this was a long time coming but none the less appreciated. As a retired educator myself, I know I'd appreciate seeing former students honoring me anytime. This is Chris and his other son Ken. Daughter Kay was there too but I missed getting a picture of her.

It was funny and eyeopening to me to hear the tales these drivers told....most of it the illegal things they did with and to the bus behind PC's back. One man told of catching a few extra Z'z one am and hearing his bus crank up.....he threw on clothes and ran out.....PC was waiting in the bus!
Another driver told about getting home from his route to have a Mama driving up his driveway with the dirt flying behind her. "Where was her Tommy?" "Why didn't he get off the bus?" The driver explained he thought she must have picked Tommy up from school to go to the doctors. An inspection of the bus found Tommy asleep on his seat.
Most drivers expressed appreciation for being allowed to drive a bus because that money made them able to stay in school during hard financial times. Most of them passed the bus route down through their family to the next child in line. Often as many as five children in one family drove as they aged in.
One person shared than that $35 a month they were paid was a huge blessing. Another spoke up and said: "What do you mean $35?" "I made $20 a month." Inflation!
It was a good night for remembering.
And now for your Sesame Street question of the day......One of these windows is NOT like the others, one of these windows isn't the same........can you guess why?

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