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Monday, December 7, 2009

More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

We kept number 3 grandson, Gates, over the weekend. He sure brings out the silly in Pop Pop and me. Some how our red table napkins inspired PP to turn into Red Riding Hood.
Which of course inspired Gates to do the same. I wish you could here Gates' dialog.
"What big eyes you have, dearie!"

Here is The evil Dr. Gates giving his PP a shot in the mouth. (I think his recent trip to the dentist inspired this!)

Of course, our multi talented Grand son, is also a vet. So He had to listen to Scouts, uh heart.

Nana comes up with another winning idea. Play football with the players who came from his Daddy's and his birthday cakes. We had to improvise with play dough to make the goal posts stand up.
I've asked Santa to bring a real goal post to our house for the boys to play with like their Daddies had. We'll see, he said.
If you need a huge dose of laughter, I'll just come over with Gates and we'll get you goin'.

1 comment:

Gabby said...

He. is. so. cute. Seriously cute. Everytime we see him I was to kidnap him for a week!