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Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Ice Storm

The sun shining on the ice crystals makes a pretty scene out of our window this morning.
The woods are light and sparkly and I have no promises to keep. (with apologies to Robert Frost)

So Hubs and I will eat and eat.
Bacon, eggs, and lots of meat.
Homemade Hash Browns are a treat
and his brownies can't be beat.
Determined not to be fatola
I made home made Granola.
Alas, my plan did not work
I ate it all like a JERK :)

Hubs has been working on our taxes. Warren Buffett's CPA couldn't do a better job!
Bless his heart
he tries his best
to try to get something back
from the IRS.
I have been reading, quilting, and eating. I did watch Hallmark Hall of Fame's wonderful program last night. Took place on a farm in the forties. I love that time period. The ladies hats...their ruby red lips and nails, high heels that look like some you see today. (Of course, the ones dressed like this were the city girls visiting the farm.) The main character had become pregnant by a GI who left town before she knew about the baby. I often wonder if this is what happened to my birth mother. It was Wartime in Washington when I was conceived (and born).
A friend from home recently Facebooked me about that tv program, Find Your Family. I have seen it a couple times and even downloaded the info to apply but decided it was too late to find my birth family. (They are as old as me at least and the show seems to pick mostly people from the West coast where they are located.)
Besides: I have two families all ready. My "adoptive family" who consider me equal partners with the rest of the fam and the family I gave birth to......which has grown pretty sizable. Hey, make that three families....the family of God.....which is really HUGE and has some of the best people you could ever meet.
Speaking of which.....our church was called off for today! I was shocked when they called last night. Seems the power was out at the church all day yesterday and the decision was made then. Actually I missed seeing my spiritual family today.......but maybe it's a good thing to realize what I would miss if I didn't have my church family.
Maybe churches should have a campaign called Find Your Church Family!
What do you think?

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