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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Stars of Darlington

Last night, Hubs and I had the privilege of going to the Darlington Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet where they recognized our son Wayne and his wife Niki for their work at the Billie Hardee Home for Boys.
This is Wayne with the home's namesake, Billie Hardee.

Here are Wayne, Niki and the award presenter accepting the award to a standing ovation :)
As a mother and father, we are proud of our son and his wife for their work. As the presenter said, "they have taken the boy's home" to a whole new level, with services for every kind of problem the children present." Two former clients of the home were present at the banquet. Both are grown men with jobs who live in Darlington.

As a side note, I got to wear this beautiful WARM leopard coat that my friend Rita gave me the day before. I have never had a fur coat before, fake or real, and this baby is so warm and soft I may never take it off. In fact, I sat in a draft at The Country Club last night and I did NOT take it off. I appreciate my friend Rita who is generous to a fault as they say!
I am proud of my son, his wife, and the work they do. "God doesn't make any bad boys", Billie Hardee said last night and it is so true. It is society and bad parents who turn good boys into troubled kids. It is up to all of us to help turn them around.
What do you and I do to help? Maybe we volunteer. Maybe we give. Maybe we pray. Maybe we teach Sunday School. Maybe we coach a sport. Maybe we tutor. Maybe we encourage our children to befriend the misfits in their class. All of us can do something. Will you? Will I?

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