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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 - Out With the Old, In With the New

Actually, my title should be.....what's old is new again! A dear friend, Wesley Haynes, took what were some very yucky boards that had been shelves in my husband's farm shelter for 50 plus years and turned them into this gorgeous table. It was unveiled at our New Year's Party last night to much acclaim.

Prior to being shelves, it was a wagon on our farm that our Uncle Chris Evans made at his woodworking shop when he taught at Antioch High School.

Prior to being a wagon it was an OLD Pine tree (see how wide that one board is!) grown here on our farm and cut in 1945 when there was a sawmill here on our place.

I am so glad Wesley was willing and skillful enough to make this piece of history for our family to pass down.

Another thing old that is new again is Cowboys! Here is grandson Gates in his Wowboy hat; he has on his wowboy boots (with heels that light up, thank you). He also got the wowboy horses (VERY large stuffed ones) and wowboy guns he asked Santa for. They were not invited to the party for obvious reasons.

Midway through his visit at the party he said to me, "Nanny, lets play!"
He did not quite get the concept that sometimes (like once in a BLUE MOON) Nanny can't play :)

I guess you are cognizant of the fact that last night, December 31, 2009, was a "blue moon".
Definition: The second full moon of ONE month. Won't happen again until 2031 (or some such number). Hubs and I will be in our dotage then. So we decided to have a Once in a Blue Moon Party. We don't entertain like we used to when we had serfs (I mean children) to help clean up the house. It actually wasn't that cleaning standards have dropped to a new low. (Keep it dark) as are my food prep (everyone bring something). The party went so well, we may not wait until the next blue moon. (And I am really enjoying the snacks every one left......I have declared this Munching in your PJs Day.)

Why don't you keep on your pj's and join me in a munch out! (The diet begins MONDAY, people!) All those in favor raise your right hand.....(do not shout "aye, aye" with your mouth full.)

And now to give my children an anxiety attack to start their year with......I was asked to do Stand Up at a HUGE banquet at the end of January. With any luck it will be televised. I am NOT kidding. Kathy Baxley wouldn't lie....but she might be bought !?!

Fasten your jaws people.....anything you say or do can and will be used for humor! Yee Haw!


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