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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

An Eagle Scout

Last night I went to the Eagle Scout Award Ceremonies for one of my former students, Craig Anderson. His mother, Marcia, is a dear friend of mine and one of THE FINEST people I know.The last time I'd done any Scouting was back in 1967-68 when my husband was the Scout Master for Troop 509, the troop he was in growing up.

Hubs and I didn't have any children when we started. In fact, I remember telling him I was pregnant when he was hospitalized after being hit in the eye by a baseball during a troop baseball game. (Thank you God for restoring his eyesight!)

I also remember camping with the troop in our family clubhouse (cement block, fireplace for heat) on the coldest night ever.

I have pictures and movies of our twin boys waddling around our pond as the scouts fished.

I also remember going to some regional scouting banquet at the country club in Florence, SC. When grown men came out wearing some kind of animal heads and calling themselves "Silver Beavers" I cracked up (Laughter not mental breakdown). I think that close to the end of our scouting career.

I also have a picture of my Dad and his Scout troop in Washington, DC circa 1910. If my new printer/scanner would scan I would put the picture right here. Trust me it is a lovely old picture.

Oh, and our boys were Boy Scouts. About all I remember about that was sending them to Scout Camp as often as possible.

Back to last night......

The Boy Scout Oath is "On my honor, I will do my best.....To do my duty, to God and my Country.....and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight."

Pretty all encompassing isn't it. Duty to God and Country. Duty to other people. Duty to self.

The Boy Scout Law says, A Scout is:

  1. Trustworthy
  2. Loyal
  3. Helpful
  4. Friendly
  5. Courteous
  6. Kind
  7. Obedient
  8. Cheerful
  9. Thrifty
  10. Brave
  11. Clean
  12. Reverent

The Scout leading the service last night elaborated on each of these qualities briefly. I wish I had his notes......but they are kind of self-explanatory.

Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if ALL of us sought to BE all of these things? I do believe they are similar to what God wants us to be.

Any comments? Thoughts? Scouting Memories?

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