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Thursday, January 7, 2010


This is going to be a rant against Hewlett Packard. Since I cannot get through to ANYONE at their corporate office who speaks English I will just have to send it out into the blogosphere and hope it lands on one of their desks.

  • First, a month ago my HP printer, the one that I bought with my HP computer and HP monitor started making strange noises and having difficulty ejecting the paper after printing on it. I called my local repair people and they said, "Buy a new one" "No one works on printers; they are two hard to fix and cheap to buy."

  • I go directly to Walmart and get a new one. $49.98. Works great (once hubs figures out how to get the computer operating system in sync with it.)
  • Problem: New printer uses 60 HP ink. I have three cartridges of HP 22 Colored ink I ordered on line from HP.
  • I start calling HP with a perfectly reasonable idea of returning the 3 cartridges I have in exchange for ones that fit the new printer.
  • By now, you can probably guess where this is going. After being on hold numerous times, being transferred many times, and repeating the whole story numerous times to people of various ethnicity who have trouble understanding me.....and who I can barely understand...I get an invoice number to give to the exchange department when they reopen on Monday.

  • I think I am home free.....maybe....
  • Oh no, Monday I start again .......foreign operator.....I just tell him, "I don't mean to be offensive, but could I please speak with a person for whom the English language is their first language.....I have a hearing problem and cannot understand your accent"
  • "Please let me twi to help you fwist," No really, I need an English speaking operator.....No, please give me a chance......
  • Sucker me goes for it.....repeats the whole dang thing and ends up with, Sorry, we cannot help you.


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