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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Havoc in Haiti

Truthfully, the recent earthquake in Haiti has not penetrated my consciousness until about an hour ago.

My guy, Chris Fabry (Live) just did a radio program about what is happening THERE and HERE.

I am so geographically illiterate about that area I wasn't sure where Haiti was....hence the map.

Some of what I learned in the last hour has been eye opening to me. I didn't know many Haitians live here in the US in an area of Miami called Little Haiti. Obviously these people are concerned about their relatives who they haven't heard from since the quake.

An article in today's Florence newspaper told about a man from Dillon who left for Haiti Tuesday. When he arrived in Port au Prince he said God told him not to stay there so they travelled an hour or so away. Minutes later the earthquake hit; he was not hurt so he can now help the people who were.

I just love it when God gets credit for being God......especially in the newspaper!

Let us all bow our heads and pray for the people of Haiti. Let us pray for a heart of compassion to care about them and help in whatever way we can.

Have you heard any Good News about this bad situation?

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