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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cooper and I Make News

I only wish this picture was in color so you could see Cooper's pink tongue on my lips :)

Other than getting my name and age in the paper I have been up to no good as usual.

I finished my Carolina Christmas quilt (I didn't start it until after Thanksgiving so I didn't plan to have it done by Christmas.)

Had Hannah and Gates over to spend the night last night. Gates and I did our usual playing Mommy and Daddy while Hannah kept her school running in the background. When he was cooking he brought me a piece of (fake) birthday cake and starts clapping his hands and singing like they do at restaurants......Happy, Happy Birthday!

Oh, and we got out the rhythm instruments and marched around as the USC Gamecock Marching Band in between quarters of football with Pop Pop.

I'm not sure how many times he shot me......right after I cocked his pistol for him because it is too hard for him to cock. I did learn that being "dead" has its advantages....I got to be still for a minute or two :)

That's about it for here. It was sunny and warm today which was a welcome change.

What was the best thing about YOUR weekend?

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