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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stop Shop and Hop

Today was the annual Quilters' Shop Hop in Lancaster, SC. Vendors from North and South Carolina filled the USC Lancaster Auditorium Building. As these shots show there was no lack of consumers.
Sometimes I think quilters print money on the side. They spend like the proverbial drunken sailors; only they are Sober Stitchers. I was a woman on a mission with a very limited amount of cash to spend thanks to the revised budget.
I selected a pattern from a magazine back in the Fall that required 24 Fat Quarters. Translated as 24 Fourths of a yard. It was a scrappy look that called for 8 different red patterned materials, 8 different black prints, 6 different tans, and 2 golds. All of these needed to go together. I couldn't find but two fabrics around home that met the criterion so I have been waiting for this event where there would be an ample selection.
Armed with my pattern I went booth to booth selecting fat quarters, lying them beside the ones I'd already bought and so on. I came home with the requisite number we will see how well they go together when I start constructing the blocks.
Guess What? This quilt will go on the bed in the "boys guest room" irregardless. But I do hope it is a success after all the time, effort and money invested in it.

Yesterday was our dog Scout's 8th birthday and she was extremely happy with her gifts as you can see. Hubs cooked her a steak (well actually shared his steak with her.....I ate a salad) and she had one of her chocolate candies from her box. We do know dogs are NOT SUPPOSED to eat chocolate but our dogs never seem to have read their manuals....they do eat chocolate and they don't get sick or die....Scout has 8 years of eating chocolate behind her....and look cavities!

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