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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Spring Mix

Daughter Gabby over at Sweetest Pea used "Wintry Mix" for her label so I took her idea and changed it to Spring Mix. (Aren't I the clever soul? Don't answer that!)

Let's see what have I been up to since the Shop Hop Saturday?

Well, funerals, and visitations seem to be coming a lot more often these days. I think it has something to do with getting older ourselves. Duh!

Dear friend, Jennie Byrd, went to heaven last Sunday at age 96. She was a member of our former church and one of the two "cafeteria" ladies at our community elementary school. She loved my children and me! At school her mac and cheese was the best I ever ate; and her raisin cinnamon rolls were to die for. At home, her chocolate pie was a favorite at all church functions. She was a knitter par excellance. The last six years or so she had lost most of her sight and hearing so she didn't get out much. Hubs and I did go visit her a few months ago; and I wrote about it here.

Hubs was a part of a group called "The Big Four Plus One" during his Coker Days. (Don't tell him but I think they had delusions of grandeur.) One of the members', Mike McGee, mother died (age 99) the other day and they had a visitation yesterday. Hubs had not seen Mike in 44 years. Neither recognized the other. Mike was a lot fatter; Curtis a lot thinner.

On other fronts, Kathy Baxley called and asked me to PLEASE come to the clinic early yesterday and help her with Walk With the Docs, the Free Medical Clinic's Spring Fund Raiser. As I sang into her voice mail, "I'll do anything for you, anything for you......" I gave her a heads up and a laugh.

It is dangerous to tell that to Kathy Baxley. This woman has more irons in the fire than a posse of cattle branders at a round up. Therefore, she needed help to pull off Walk With the Docs. Fortunately she invited two other more social and savvy ladies to the pow wow. We got it planned and delegated and hopefully the walk will come off without Kathy having to do it all.

Kathy's husband is dying of a rare brain disease. He has been dying since I met her six years ago. He has wasted away to a skeleton and even that is twisted. We don't understand why God doesn't take him home. She has heard all the is killing her to watch her beloved husband suffer. Her children are past understand. Please pray for mercy.

And yes, I've been quilting on my new quilt.....I love it and getting to steadily sew. Once Bible Study is over today....I am all about sewing.

Oh, I left out Scrabble Club! I brought my dear long time friend, Nena to play with us. I did not tell the group that Nena is a United Methodist Minister. Discussions during the game were very forthright as usual. Peggy, who had interviewed Nena when she first arrived, knew about her being a minister but kept that fact close to her chest. At the end of the night, Peggy took great pleasure in announcing the fact. You could see Elizabeth and Eleanor mentally rewinding their tape screening for what they might have said that was inappropriate in front of a minister.

It is funny, that we are all concerned about what people think of us but pretty unconcerned about what God and Jesus think. Selah.

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