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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Queen Priscilla Visits Her Subjects

Folks, this is Priscilla Hair, the Queen of the South Carolina Quilters. She is preparing to teach a workshop that includes dying fabric so she is not wearing her queenly robe. She brought a lot of her quilts to show. Priscilla is a fun, sky person, so I was not expecting such great work.

This is one of her "fun" pieces made from other quilting attempts that did not work out so she recombined them to make this piece. I think she said it was supposed to be a penguin but I could be wrong. She did say that one observer criticised the belly button jewelry saying penguins do not have belly buttons. "This one does!" Priscilla replied.

How gorgeous is this!

This is made from about a million nine patches. Awesome!
What I like best about Priscilla is her sense of fun. She said she and her husband who are both in their eighties we pruning their shrubbery last spring. They got tired so Priscilla suggested they lay on the grass and look at the clouds like they did as children.
Suddenly an ambulance screams to a stop in their driveway.....the neighbor thought they were dead and called 911.
Yep, Priscilla is my kind of girl :)

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