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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring is Springing

It has finally warmed up around here. Hubs brought me my second bouquet of daffodils yesterday. Daff's are my favorite flower. Mental note family.....I want them on my casket spray...hopefully I die in spring when they are plentiful !
Scout is enjoying the warm weather too. Yesterday and Sunday she dug in her digging fields for most of the day. She hunts moles with her nose six inches in the dirt and her rear end straight up in the air. Once hubs caught a live mole who got stuck in our courtyard and she was not the least interested. Go figure.

Last year I went on a daffodil rampage. I dug up my existing clumps (well some of them anyway) and divided them and planted new groups EVERYWHERE! I am being well rewarded...anyone can grow a daffodil, trust me!

I finished raking all the leaves out of the courtyard yesterday. I love seeing it all clean. I like it even better when the grass is all green.
What do you like best about SPRING?

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