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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Celebrating Granny's 94th Birthday

For a change of pace on Granny's birthday this year we invited two of the "girls" who grew up on my in-law's farm along with 13 brother's and sisters in a two bedroom tenant house. The lady above, Minnie Wilson, became an LPN and worked at the nearby nursing home. On her time off, Minnie would help my mother-in-law with house and yard work. Together they decorated the Christmas tree and took it down and hoed in Granny's garden.

Minnie developed melanoma on her left foot and has had to go to Duke for treatment many times when the doctor's around here ran out of options. She has endured chemo being injected into her groin. Even now she must go to Florence four days a week of edema treatment which takes four hours (plus the trip). She is not a complainer....or even much of a talker but she did laugh and join in as Hubs and her sister Sue reminisced about old times growing up on the farm.
Sue kept us all in stitches. She's got the "tell it like it is" gene that I do. When I commented that their Daddy was really a fine man.....she chimed in...."when he wasn't drinking" my thoughts exactly.
She also told about playing on the roof of their house with her siblings and Granny flying down there in her big white Buick telling them to get off the roof before they broke their necks. The kids then hid behind the house until she went home and got right back on the roof. Imagine 14 children, two bedrooms, picking cotton, putting in tobacco.....

Although Granny's cake looks like a white football on was shaped like an Easter egg with candles stuck in purple flowers (her favorite color).
All in all it was nice to celebrate her day with friends who are like family.
Do you have any friends who are like family?

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