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Saturday, April 3, 2010

It is SEW nice to have a Granddaughter!

Caitlin and family were here yesterday and today. She loves to sew with me. She decided she wanted to make an apron for her other Grandma. So we found some fabric in my stash she liked; and came up with how we could make it without a paper pattern and off we went.

She can use the rotary cutter and iron as well as hand sew and machine sew so she just needed me nearby for guidance. She came up with the pocket idea and we decided to embroider GRANDMA on it. You can barely see it in the picture but it is there.

Her other Grandma is a real sweetheart who will treasure this apron made with love. (She is also pretty tiny so it will fit her.) She and Caitlin also share the same birthday.

I have to boast that this little girl is my Accelerated Reader Girl. I began that reading program in my county back in the day and during my media specialist career I had a few really exceptional readers. Our Caitlin was the only third grader who made 75 points and got to go to the school wide party last week.

She has her Dad's looks and brains; but she loves sewing and reading like I do. :)

Who loves to read and or sew in your family?

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