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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Like Jay Leno.....We're Back By Popular Demand !?

I know you have so been wanting to know what Donnamo and her "Grandies" have been up to since Easter.

As you can see Granddaughter #3 worked on painting. (Nana and Pop Pop spent way too much time doing that Norman Rockwell puzzle.)

Well GD #2 (granddaughter number 2) Caitlin celebrated her 9th birthday with one of Granny's famous strawberry cakes. Granny "invented" this cake recipe for my daughter Gabby who love, love, loved strawberries. Cailtin evidently inherited this strawberry loving gene. Whenever she is coming or we are going to see her we stop by McLeod's Farm for a boatload of strawberries. She usually eats most if not all of them :)

We went to Hannah (GD no. 1) Awards Day her last day of school. When she invited me she said, she wasn't sure if she would get an award. Lo and behold, her name was called out seven times. I think she was most proud of her all A's Award. Her mom, Niki said, Hannah really worked for this one. She would insist on finishing her homework the night before while Niki suggested doing it in the car on her way to school the next day. Awesome!

Megan (GD #3) spent a week with us (along with submerged brother Michael). She really loves the water as do all my other Grandies.
Tomorrow I will catch you up on the boy's doin's as we say down south :)

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