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Monday, July 12, 2010


Lucy fixed this necklace for me which was a REAL LABOR OF LOVE....I bought it at the wonderful Art Store in Asheville, NC, and wore it quite a bit until it broke. Rita had to crochet the wire with the tiniest crochet hook you ever saw to fix it. She also put a magnetic clasp on it so "no more fumbling with a tiny clasp."
These are the gifts I received from my friend Lucy (aka Rita) when she returned from West Virginia!

On the left is a beautiful handmade necklace she got at an art fair. It is so gorgeous and the picture doesn't do it justice. Then my Q is for Queen necklace...made from a Scrabble tile. Lucy knows I am in a Scrabble Club and I like to be Queen of it.

Then she brought me Five Fat Quarters.....actually they may be Fat Halves.....that is Quilt Speak for a quarter or half a yard of fabric. I will put them in my Stash (what quilters call their cache of fabric).

Saturday we were invited to our neighbors, Mac and Pam's, for a Braves game.
Pam and hubs are huge Braves fans. They went to Atlanta in May for a series of 3 games against the Mets. So for her birthday, Pam had Granny and Hubs and me, and her husband's Aunt Bessie to watch the game. Her son John declined to join us because the average age in our room was 83! LOL.
Pam cooked supper for all of us on HER birthday!
Friendship takes many forms and I am thankful for all of them.
Any friends you want to tell us about?

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