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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Good Any Time Reads

Before I hike off to the library tomorrow to return these two last books I read....

I want to recommend them to you.

First off, Perfect Reader by Maggie Pouncey. When the main character's father dies she is left with his house and copies of poems he wants her to read because she is The Perfect Reader. Flora leaves her job in the city to return to her small college town roots to confront her past there and what to do about the poems.

I loved it!

The Lost Summer of Louisa Mae Alcott by Kelly O'Connor McNees.

Ms. McNees was an English Major with considerable study of Ms. Alcott when she comes up with the idea of inventing a romantic interlude for her (LMA) during the year she lived in Walpole, NH. Again, I loved it and hope McNees will invent further adventures for of my favorite authors.

Hope you are having a Star Spangled Fourth. Gabby and family left a little while ago after a weekend visit. Caitlin joined me in embroidery and created a darling pillow.....:( Now Why Didn't I photograph it for the blog? Dog Ask Me, as hubs would say.

I always look forward to watching "A Capitol Fourth" broadcast from Washington every Fourth of July.

Our local fireworks display was Friday night at the church across the woods from our house. We all sat in my garden an viewed the display without parking problems. Cool! As the GK's would say.

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