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Friday, July 2, 2010

"New" Bathroom Counter ???

My Oh My.....what have we here? The AFTER picture of a DIY project?
Well, somehow, the black counters in s guestroom bathroom, (formerly known as the boys' bathroom) have gotten terribly scratched as you can see. I finally went on line to see if I could discover a remedy other than replacing it.
Of course, I do not know what the material is.....1970 solid surface something??
The DYI people suggested polishing it with wet sandpaper. Hubs said he knew car restorers polished old cars by this method so he went to Auto Parts Store for advice and materials. They sold him two sheets of wet sandpaper and off we went to try it out.
Hubs insisted I come along as a witness......maybe he was thinking of witness protection? As you can see......
This DID NOT WORK! The counter is now DULL and scratched even more.
We are now thinking of putting ceramic tile over the counter. Any ideas? Suggestions? Remember we are frugal fixers (aka cheap) no granite for us.

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