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Friday, July 23, 2010

Just back from a visit to my brother's who lives in Emerald Isle, NC. Hubs wanted to go down to Morehead City because he had never been. Sister-in-law, Bubbette, said we had to see Beaufort, NC while down there. This is a pic from the dock in Beaufort. It is pronounced BOWfort, South Carolina's Beaufort is pronounced BEWfort. Just so you know :)
We checked out a few gift shops in Beaufort. I loved this mermaid. My friend, Lucy, loves mermaids. It was $65, Lucy, so I just took a picture for you. :)

This darling little napkin holder was purchased on my antique jaunt to Camden. $2.00 at the habitat store.
In the napkin holder are the "antique" or rather "vintage" post cards I purchased in Camden. The first one is from my husband's grandfather's Motor In that was located in Sumter. It had 19 cabins. I have always wanted to stay in a "cabin" motel.
Have you ever stayed in one? Do you want to?
A shout out to daughter, Gabby, who redid my blog when Cutest Blog on the Block closed my old design down.

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