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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aaar Matey!

This is another Post Card from the Past. My parents always stayed here when they came to bring me or pick me up from college. They had a certain room they liked over in that stand of pines nearest to the lake.

Occasionally, us Coker Girls would treat ourselves to dinner out at the Lakeshore Restaurant. It was very charming (fireplace going) and had good food. Of course, I thought our dining room food was delicious as well. But then I've never met any food I didn't like. :)

Well, I 'll be danged! Scout came in here while I was abed and put her picture on my blog wearing that Pirate Hat I brought her from Beaufort! (She must have heard me talking about that Pirate Dog Collar I saw and wouldn't fork out $19.99 for). The hat is much cuter don't you think!?!
For my three readers, one of whom I borrowed the book from, I found a "new" author, Jan Watson. Her Troublesome Creek series has three books and she has a new one coming out. I have ordered the two I don't have access to from Amazon.
My Brother and Sister-in-law both have Kindles. It is cool how they can order the book and in seconds it is in their Kindle.....tempting.....they say some books are just $.99.....really tempting for a cheapo like me. Really the hang up I have is no sharing books with friends or giving them to the library, the church, or Habitat. Everyone doesn't have a Kindle.
What do you think about the Kindle?

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