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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday Shopping

Yesterday I needed an antiquing fix. It had been months, maybe even a year since I'd been antiquing. There is just something about wandering around old things that does something for me. I don't have to buy much of anything; I really enjoy looking.

Above are two items that caught my eye. A heart shape pillow made from chenile. I love chenille! Some of my childhood bedspreads were made of it. I remember getting up from a nap with the dotted imprint on my skin. Has that ever happened to you.

Then the diamond shaped "yoyo" pillow. If I had to make something of yoyos that pillow would be about the size I could make.

I was tempted by these two books. I love the two dogs sitting in the rocking chair....all of them really look like they are posing. I skimmed the didn't snag my interest enough for me to lay out the money. Now Southern Dogs looked like a really good book to put by my guest bed (after I'd read it). It had pieces by southern writers of note and great pictures BUT it was $24.95 pretty pricey for a small used book.

When I was leaving the Antique District of Camden I saw the storefront of this great looking store and it said Habitat for Humanity Store. Wow; you could have fooled me. It looks like an antique store. I did buy something so cute there I will show you on a future post. If you are hollding your tongue right, I may even show you the other things I bought :)

Do you like antique stores? What kinds of things catch your eye?

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