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Friday, July 16, 2010

What Happened Yesterday?

In case you are brain dead and can't tell....these are some oh so delicious SC peaches I got at McLeod's Farm in McBee last Saturday. Today I am putting most of them in the freezer. Not a one rotted (miraculous!)

What happened to the text on yesterday's blog?
Beats me. I loaded my pics. Wrote my text and text. I am sure you are dying to know what the captions were.....right?? right!

Guess which captions go to which pictures.....

One is a fish pond with 50 geese.

One is a cow ant; that can kill a cow with one bite!

One is the horsebarn at Gov. David Beasley's house. Not to be confused with the chicken house :)

My original post was much more creative BUT things deteriorate (condense) the second time around. The edited version is I wanted to go fishing yesterday and hubs agreed to go with me since it was the first time in a 45 year relationship I had ASKED to go fishing. Son, Wayne, had told us Gov. Beasley, (a close friend of his brother-in-law) pond had lots of fish, even crappie. So I called the wife, Mary Wood Beasley, and she said sure come on so we did. No fish, not even a nibble.....but a good blog story!? Right? Right!
Have you ever been fishing? For what? Where? Did you catch anything?Did you eat your catch? Inquiring minds want to know!

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