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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Less Mom and Nana Guilt

Yesterday I was working on a new blog when my sweet daughter Gabby called. She needed a babysitter for her youngest child Caitlin. I said sure and jumped in the car :)

I started to write about Mom and Nana Guilt on my last post but forgot :( The title came out VBS and Nan Guil. Did anyone notice? Probably not. Whenever I see my kids and their families I have an attack of Nana Guilt afterwards. As in " I should have.......played with the kids to them more....bought them something....etc....." I tried to outwit Mr. Guilt while I was as Gabbys. I bought the kids something, I taught Caitlin how to do Sudoku (and bought her a book to do it in.) But alas.....I went to bed before them and did not read to them.
This am while walking Cooper, The BIG RED DOG, I took some pics around the yard. This is Connor's fort/hideaway in the woods right behind their house. It looked mighty inviting. Think I'll climb up there on a cool fall day and enjoy nature.

Gabby tried growing a vegetable garden. You can almost see that big green tomato on the first bush. There are about three more on there. She has gotten a few cukes but no squash. The squash have bloomed a lot but no fruit. I told her she must have planted on "bloom days".
My husband the former farmer talks about bloom days. Have you ever heard of it?
Hubs says you are to plant after the full moon, while it is shrinking to have produce instead of blooms. So there is your farm/garden advice for the day.

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