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Monday, September 6, 2010

At the Waltons

On our way to Philadelphia, Hubs suggested we stop by Walton's Mtn. and visit John and Olivia.
They were kind enough to ask us to lunch and allow us to take a few photos.

I am so glad that had not redecorated their house. They did put in window airconditioning units. Since it was 90 degrees that day we were mighty thankful they had.

They are expecting the children home for Thanksgiving. John Boy is doing well as a screenwriter out in Los Angeles. Mary Ellen has kept up with her nursing career and Erin is in Management now. Jason went on to become an actor/singer/song writer and was on The Grand Ole Opry not too long ago. Jim Bob is a mechanic for an airline and Elizabeth is a veterinarian in Virginia.
All together John and Livy have fourteen grandchildren!
I'll tell you about the fancy wedding next time. I thought you'd want to hear about the Waltons first.
Did you watch them? They were on ten seasons from 1972-1982. What do you remember best about the show?

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