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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Catching Up

Just wanted to let you know......I have not died, am not in a coma, and my camera isn't broken. Haven't had anything very interesting to post about....but don't give up on me.....I'm leaving for Philadelphia, Pa tomorrow for a fancy, smantzy wedding at the downtown HILTON (Where we are staying!!!) The wedding is actually at a church but reception at the Hilton.

The wedding is my mother-in law's sister's Grandson and bride. The sister, Sabra Griffin and her husband are deceased but Great Aunt Edith will be there all 94 years of her. I have been over to her house to help select the appropriate outfit for the fifty or so possibles. (I have one possible and I am wearing it.)

The groom's mother suggested a picture of his grandmother, Sabra, as a wedding gift, but while looking for a great picture I came up with so many (thanks to Great Aunt Edith the original shutter-bug in the family) I decided to go to Shutter Fly and make a book with all the relatives on Aunt Sabra's side.
The technology buffaloed me on some pages (I know you are shocked this Media Specialist had problems, LOL) and I didn't get the pictures in the order I wanted and they aren't all placed on the page like I wanted but they are in the book and they have captions identifying who these people are and how the groom is related to them.

Hubs and I have been keeping our Darlington Darlings for two nights while their parents went to Cola for a conference. Hannah, 11, was so responsible about getting her homework done and STUDYING. (I didn't know what studying was until half way through college.) She also packed her own lunch each day. The Gatester kept us on our toes as usual. Golf.....scooter riding around the block..... walking around the block....following him driving his police car around the block..... He said, "Nana, can I drive my police car next door to say hello to my neighbor?" All the neighbors seemed to know him well!

"Hi, Gates, been playing any golf lately?" Said the neighbor on the other side.

Gates is going to his first CAROLINA football game tomorrow night. It is a surprise and he is going to be over the moon. When we got to his house Sunday he was wearing his Carolina football jersey, football pants, cleats, helmet,etc....

After he plays 50 quarters of football.... (he runs, he catches, those passes, he kicks off, he tackles......whew!) Then he gets his instruments out and does half time....Drum Major! I would love to see him at the Game...those sitting around him better put their stadium seat belts on!

Well, enough of a Grandma Rant for today!

See you when I get back from Philly.....with pictures I hope. And yes we will eat a real Philly Cheese steak Sandwich for anyone who asks :)

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