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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Donnamo!

Well, it never pays to hand out the password to your blog.

You really never know who is going to hijack your blog on your birthday!

If you are reading this, then I know you must be a "fan" of Donnamo's writing. So, I thought to really give her a Bloggy Birthday Bash, we could each leave in the Comments some thing we love and appreciate about our dear friend DONNAMO.

I'll kick off with the starter since I am her NUMBER ONE Daughter and fan.

What I like about Donnamo...

1. Her laugh!

2. Her ability to laugh at herself!

(Her with Smore residue on her face)

3. Her thoughtfulness in giving her time and gifts to others. For example, Sunday School teacher, Meals on Wheels, Volunteer at Medical clinic, making quilts for boys in the Boy's home, being a Mentor at church, teaching an 8 year old how to sew, dog sitting/spa-ing, encouraging others when they need it, and Prayer Warrior (to name just a few).

4. Her creativity in many areas of life!

5. Her dedication to GOD and family.

6. She is an excellent example of how to make a marriage work for a LONG time.

Her with her Creative protege

7. She is a great decorator!

8. She loves animals of all sizes and ages (and puts up with forty pound ones that sit on your lap, lick your face, and pounce on your dog...not that I know a dog like that).

9. She loves nature.

10. She dedicated her life to her students! And still does with Sunday School!

11. She is a great MOMMY!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Donnamo! I actually picked out the perfect card for you and didn't get in the mail in time, so you will be getting belated wishes, too!

One thing I love about Donnamo? I love how she is so energetic and busy and and always has a story to tell about the family, friends, and the fun stuff she does!

Donnamo said...

Thank you Gabby and Mary Bailey two of my favorite bloggers and thirty-umhuh year olds :)