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Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life!

 Well, my 67th B'day started on the eve of the big day.  Friend Lucy, aka Rita, came over for a play date with me.  (Hubs had gone on a golf expedition with 3 high school buddies to Santee, SC for the day.)  I drug out a lot of crafting supplies so we could dye, stamp, salt, and paint fabrics.

These are some of the orphan blocks I over dyed hanging outside to dry on that lovely fall day.

This is the last remaining piece of the mud pie Hubs made for me.  I made it last from Tues - Sat and only shared one piece.  Rita and I slathered on a lot more chocolate syrup as we indulged during our play date. :)

These are the majority, but not all of the wonderful b'day cards I got from family and friends.  (Thank you family and friends for honoring me....I love each of you a whole bunch.

My wonderful son, Wayne and his wonderful wife Niki had Hubs, Granny, and I to dinner on the big day.  They fixed roasted pork loin, broccoli salad (Niki's specialty and my very favorite salad), brown rice with mushrooms, and apple pie!  Granny also brought the friendship b'day cake which I had asked for (and got to take home :) Speaking of apples, this cutie in my arms, Wayne Gates Chapman II, is the apple of my eye even though he is a Gamecock like his Dad :(

Look carefully and you can see four Pottery Barn Dove Candles daughter Gabby sent me......they arrived the afternoon of the B'day.  Aren't they darling!  Love 'em.  (Some say I am hard to buy for aka picky but Gabby can usually hit the nail on the head......aka please me :)

As if all this weren't enough......I got 25 birthday wishes on Facebook....many from former students :) Hubs planted 12 knock out roses for me in the English garden.....I got sung to, acted for, called and gifted by many more people....I think this might have been MY BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!

So tell me about your BBE (Best B'day Ever)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderfully wonderful birthday! My birthdays keep getting better each year. I am especially looking forward to the big 4-0, which is coming in in just 16 months!

Love those Pottery Barn votives---So pretty!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to spend a birthday. Happy birthday!

Gabby said...

Well, I am just so glad you had the best b-day ever! What a joy that you got so much attention and love!

My best ever? I am not sure that one just leaps out in my memory, but my family has always been pretty good about a birthday "week" so a special dinner, homemade 7 layer strawberry cake, and some moo-lah for shopping usually does the trick.
Of course at this stage of our lives, if my hubby takes me out to dinner with just us, it is awesome, add in a weekend away in Charleston and I could explode (that hasn't happened in several years though)... I blame it on all the soccer/cheering/pets/extracurricular activities.

Atir said...

Happy Birthday.
they forgot to write what a wonderful friend you are.
You are such a special person to so many people and grandies and they showed that love to you to help celebrate your birthday.