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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Historical Good Time

 Yesterday, Antioch Home and Garden Club met at the Hart Cottage.  This is Judy Johnson Walker, a member of the Cottage Guild who gave the history of the cottage.  Judy and I go way back to 1963 when we were students at Coker.  We later formed another connection; she was a member of Prospect UM Church which shared a minister with Bethlehem UM Church where Hubs and I attended.  Still later we had another connection; she taught at McBee HS where I became the Media Specialist.  She also roomed with Amanda Middleton at Mars Hill their freshman year;  I later roomed with Amanda at Coker.  Small world, huh?

Our close friend and neighbors, Raymond and Retha Chapman, assisted with the tour of the cottage.  Raymond was a founding member of the committee who saw the need to keep and restore the cottage.
This is the dining room.  The pastor of Bethlehem and Prospect Churches, Patricia Warden is pictured to the right.  Patricia is a workhorse in the very best sense of the word.  She has led the two churches in many worthwhile activities and is active on the district and state level.  AND she visits her members at home and in the nursing home and hospital.  I can't say enough good things about this mother of four whose children are all in grad school or undergrad school.  Her husband works at the Pentagon in Washington; maybe when all the kids are out of school they can financially afford for him to retire and live with her as she ministers. 

Back to the Hart Cottage....Susan Harvey showed us examples of fall decorations that would have been in a home such as the cottage and would be equally appropriate in ours.  Unfortunately, I was so engrossed in taking and reading minutes and sketching her arrangements; I forgot to take pictures of all of them :(  Your loss because they were beautiful and very doable.

If and when you are in Hartsville, and ever want to see this historic and charming cottage let me know and I will hook you up with one of the guild members to show it to you.  They would be delighted to show you this part of the history of Hartsville.

What do you know about the history of where you live or where you are from?


Anonymous said...

Oooh...your headline grabbed me! I love a historical good time. History intrigues me so!

I love the Hart Cottage. A friend and I went on a home tour in town several springs ago and ended at the cottage which was an absolute delight! That table was covered with an enormous amount of delicious refreshments and they served something exquisite that was like an iced tea punch. We were told we couldn't go upstairs but a nice man sneaked us up there and let us peek in the rooms.

That home tour was almost five years ago---Do you know if there is going to be another one in town any time soon? I love them! My mom and I went on a Christmas one a few years before that. I remember when I was little the Christmas tours were almost an annual thing.

I laugh when you say the decorations are do-able----only for the talented, Donnamo; for folks like you---not me!

Donnamo said...


The next open house at the Hart Cottage will be Sunday Dec. 6 from 2-6 pm. It will be decorated. The Hart House at Kalmia will also be open. I think there will be refreshments. I hope to see you there.